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Known for his charisma both on and off the pitch, many fans were disappointed to learn that Swiss tennis player Roger Federer had resigned from his career in September 2022. At Sport Photo Gallery, we offer a wide range of Roger Federer photos: from the beginning of his career to his final tournaments.

From Wimbledon to the US Open, our Roger Federer photos are high quality, customisable, and able to be ordered in any custom dimensions you require. If you’re looking for a tennis gift for the Federer fan in your life - or if you simply want to add a tennis collage to your office wall - let our experts at Sport Photo Gallery take care of it.

Photos of The Legend Himself!

Federer’s achievements almost defy belief. An unmatched 20 Grand Slams Titles, including a record breaking 8 Wimbledon titles, 6 Australian Open titles, and 5 (consecutive - also a record) US Open titles. He has ranked amongst the world’s top 10 for a scarcely credible 14 consecutive years, and continued to win major titles until late into his 30s.

His mesmerising play style and charm have earned him legions of fans across the globe, and both his achievements and gripping rivalries with other greats like Rafael NadalNovak Djokovic and Andy Murray have been a huge boost for the global popularity of tennis.

We have a huge selection of Roger Feder photos, available in a variety of formats, immortalising some of his greatest moments. Pick your favourite!


Why order with Sport Photo Gallery?

  • Our extensive photo library. We’re tennis enthusiasts, which is why our photo library is stocked with endless photos of our favourite Swiss tennis champ. From the US open to the Australian open, Wimbledon to the French open, we’ve got pictures of Roger Federer holding his trophies, mid-swing, and greeting fans.
  • Our photos become YOUR photos. Every one of the Roger Federer photos on our website can be customised as you wish. Add frames, captions, or even a sophisticated black and white grayscale tint to a colour photo. With your customisations added, our photos become personal keepsakes for you. 
  • Get imaginative. Alongside our customisation services, we also offer novelty photo options, such as collages and canvases. Create a tennis collage or a canvas of your favourite on-court moment.

Get your hands on Roger Federer photos today

Whether you want to create a Federer shrine in your tennis club, or simply order a gift for yourself or a loved one, we made our ordering process as simple as it can be.

First of all, take a browse through our collection of Roger Federer photos. Our library includes official portraits, on-court moments, pictures with his rivals and more. From the US Open to Wimbledon, choose any one of Roger Federer’s victorious moments - or perhaps a candid shot taken from the courtside.

Once your photos have been selected, you’ll be able to add custom options before completing your order. You’ll be able to see the price of every custom option you’ve added to your order, as well as your final order total, so there are no surprises when it comes to costs.

Our delivery process

Once your order has been placed, you won’t need to wait around for days for a confirmation. All your customisations will be saved and sent to our expert printing team, who will print, edit, package, frame, caption, and ship off your order to your address. 

Want your order ASAP? Try to order before 6pm Monday-Friday, as all orders placed within this time period can expect to be at your doorstep in around 2-3 working days. Note: these time frames don’t take into account any potential disruption due to strike action, or other logistical problems outside our control.

Do we ship our photos internationally?

As Roger Federer was a celebrated tennis player around the world, it’s only fitting that we ship internationally. We ship within the UK, the EU, and overseas in most overseas territory. Make sure to check where we ship here before beginning an order.

How to create a custom Roger Federer photo

So, how can you make your Roger Federer photos unique? With our custom options, you’ll be spoiled for choice:

  • Frame your photos. Sport Photo Gallery offers a luxury framing service, with prices beginning under £50 for conventional sizes. All of our Roger Federer photos are suitable for framing.
  • Give your photos some text. When you buy a frame via Sport Photo Gallery, you’ll be able to add custom captioning and turn your photo into a unique gift.
  • Make a tennis-themed collage. We don’t just stock Roger Federer photos - if you’re more an Andy Murray or a Nadal fan, why not create a unique collage of them both?

Want to know if your customisation ideas are possible? Head to our photo customisation FAQs page for further info. 

Need help finding a photo?

We aim to update our tennis photo library as often as possible, and we’re always stocking new photos of Roger Federer where possible. However, as the tennis player is now moving into retirement, we might not have as many new photos every month as we did while his career was active. If you’re ever looking for a particular Roger Federer photo, you can fill in our photo request form here and we’ll look it out for you.

A global superstar, tennis legend Roger Federer is one of our most popular athletes. We stock a range of high quality Federer photos and prints for you to choose from. Roger Federer hardly needs introduction. Possibly the single greatest male tennis player of all time (though other greats like Pete Sampras, Rod Laver and Björn Borg also vie for that title), and unquestionably one of the finest athletes of his generation, Federer has carved his name into sporting legend.

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At Sport Photo Gallery you will find an extensive range of amazing tennis pictures, capturing classic moments from throughout the history of the game to the current big matches and tournaments – all available to purchase online through the site. Our gallery of tennis pictures include great action shots, memorable moments and victory celebrations from your favourite tennis players.

Whether it's the vivid green grass courts of Wimbledon - with players in their traditional whites - or the glow of the orange clay courts of Roland Garros, nothing beats the classic tournaments. Thrilling us for years, inspire yourself with a poster of your favourite champion or plucky underdog!


If you’re a passionate tennis fan, Sport Photo Gallery is the place for you. From Fred Perry to Andy Murray – and everything in between – you’ll find the best images of your tennis heroes here! Our most popular tennis posters include those of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic – the dominant forces of the modern game with over 50 Grand Slam titles between them. Posters of tennis legends John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg also remain as sought-after as ever too.

And that barely scratches the surface of our range of tennis pictures. Female players from all eras are also represented – giants of the modern women’s game like Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, as well as champions from the past like Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert. Not to mention Anna Kournikova! Photos that are high in quality, and able to purchase as posters, in frames or on canvas, are ideal for your home, office or to buy as a gift!


You can purchase single tennis pictures or choose from a range of stunning special montages – including the “Career Grand Slam Winners” – containing images from the players to have won the singles titles at Wimbledon, Roland Garros, The US Open and The Australian Open. With stunning tennis posters from other major events like the Davis Cup, ATP Finals and WTA Final events too, Sport Photo Gallery is the top online photo shop for tennis fans in the UK and worldwide.

All tennis pictures are available in a range of print sizes, canvas sizes and frame options for you to choose from. You can order your image as a loose print, have it framed in a selection of quality frame mouldings or have your image printed on canvas – the choice is yours. Shop online today or call us if you need any further information.