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Sport Photo Gallery has extensive access to the millions of images on the Getty archives – Although we are adding images to the site all the time we may not always have the specific image, personality or moment you are looking for. We would be delighted to search the Getty archives for you and email you the image/s matching your request.


With both sport and celebrity areas there are restrictions on certain sports and events.

Restricted Sports

- Premiership Football (England) – Clubs/Grounds/Players post 1992/3
- Scotland Clubs post 1992/3
- Olympic Games
- Formula 1 + all 4 wheeled motorsport
- NBA Basketball
- Baseball
- US Masters Golf

Restricted Entertainment Events

- Oscars

Access to Current Events

Getty Images photographers are ever present at the world's leading sporting events ensuring the very best coverage available. Sport Photo Gallery has almost immediate access to the images from these events and with our in house processing capability can supply prints from these events almost as soon as they happen.

If you would like images from a sporting event that is in progress such as a tennis tournament or one that has just finished, and the images are not available on the site please contact us and we will email you the images available.

Thank you we will be in touch soon!