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Senna. A name that remains legendary in both motorsport and in the whole of Brazil. Celebrate the incredible life and career of perhaps the greatest Formula One driver in history with our selection of Ayrton Senna photos and prints.

Senna first learnt to drive at the age of 7, and began competitive karting aged 13, but was already 24 years old by the time he entered his first F1 championship in 1984. Four years later he won his first title, breaking several records along the way. He went on to win a further two titles with McLaren, and his legendary rivalry with Alain Prost helped energise the sport and made for compelling races. 

His haul of three world titles alone puts him in an elite club, but what truly set Senna apart was his exceptional driving capabilities, particularly his one lap pace and wet driving capability. His understanding of the cars he drove was unmatched and he was providing his team with advanced technical feedback long before telemetry existed. He is widely regarded by his fellow drivers as the greatest of all time, and is the childhood hero and inspiration of two other one-lap and wet-drive specialists - one Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher.

His tragic death in a crash at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix cut short what was set to be a truly exceptional career. The event transformed F1 safety standards, undoubtedly preventing further tragedies. As a national hero in his home country of Brazil, his death was of national importance, and an estimated 3 million people attended his funeral. After his death it was revealed he had donated a huge portion of his personal wealth to help the less fortunate, another legacy of a remarkable man.

At times a controversial figure, Senna is nonetheless rightly celebrated as both a superb driver and exceptional human. Enjoy some of his most iconic shots with our range of Ayrton Senna photos and prints, available today from Sport Photo Gallery.



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