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The great man himself 

If you are a big fan of Diego Maradona then you will know that during his 21-year professional career he scored an amazing 259 goals. Maradona was only 15 when he started his football career. He also appeared for his team in 490 official club games. This great man is often regarded as one of the greatest players to ever grace a football pitch. He has played in four world cup tournaments and captained his Argentina team to a win during the 1986 one. 

Key facts

As you may or may not remember 1986 was quite a famous world cup appearance for Diego Maradona. Not only did his team win the world cup trophy but everyone remembers the Argentina vs England match where the ‘hand of god’ happened. While on the topic of England’s defeat, Maradona made it into the history books for two very different reasons. One is the hand of God already mentioned. The other was the amazing goal he scored when he passed five England players and scored the ‘goal of the century’. This was voted for by Fifa.com voters in 2002. 

The 1986 world cup was the most exciting one and during the whole tournament, there were 53 fouls made against Diego Maradona. He definitely felt targeted but he enjoyed this as it means everyone saw him as the competition and tried to take him out. 

Maradona Photos, Pictures and Posters

Here at the sports photo gallery, we provide a wide variety of your sporting hero. You can buy maradona photos and posters in many sizes and designs. You can get a photo of Maradona kissing the trophy, playing the sport he loved, and even celebrating as a manager. Whether you are decorating your man cave or simply hanging it in your bedroom or office, we have everything you could ever want and need. 


We also give you the choice of whether to keep it in its original colour or transform it into a black and white photo to give a more dramatic effect. Ranging in sizes from extra small which is 9x6 inches, all the way up to SS+ which is a whopping 45x30 inches. You will be sure to find something. 

If a photo or poster just won’t cut it then we are able to frame them for you with a mixed availability of colours. We can also put the image onto a canvas, this looks amazing when hung on the wall. 


Each and every time you look at your new photos or Maradona posters you are remembering the great man who unfortunately passed away at the age of 60. He had a great career from junior football player to Manager. The prints you receive will always be of the highest quality and will definitely stand the test of time. 

If there is a specific photo you are looking for but cannot see then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try and source the image for you. We will always do the very best for our customers. 

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Have a look through our fantastic gallery of football pictures - or soccer pictures, for our friends across the pond! Capturing the great images of the past and from the modern game, all of them are available for purchase online. From action shots of your favourite footballers, to celebrations of goals and big tournament wins. These are magical moments that live long in the memory – you're sure to find the football poster for you.

Fuel your football passion here at Sport Photo Gallery. It doesn’t matter if your childhood hero was George Best then or is Harry Kane now. It doesn’t matter if the Reds will forever be Liverpool FC or Manchester United for you. It doesn’t matter if your favourite football memories are Premier League matches, FA Cup trophies, European glory or World Cup triumph – it’s all here! 


Whether you’re looking for the best framed football pictures to decorate your home or office, or looking for a football poster or print as a gift for a football fan, you can choose from a huge range of iconic and current football pictures. Classic football pictures of Sir Bobby Moore and England’s win in the 1966 World Cup, remain popular to this day. Equally, the current crop of global stars - such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappe and Neymar all appear on inspiring football posters.

And it’s not just individual football prints on offer – there are some stunning football pictures in special montages for you to choose from. Check out the sequence of David Beckham’s memorable penalty against Argentina in the 2002 World Cup, for example. We also sell whole football team specials, featuring all of the stars of Real Madrid, Barcelona, the England football team pictures and more!


From individual footballers to squad posters, all our football pictures are available in a range of options. From loose prints (sizes from 9x6 inches to 60x40 inches), framed football posters or even printed onto canvas. 

Have a look through the gallery, find your favourite and order your football posters online through our easy to use online ordering system. You can also give the Sport Photo Gallery team a call if you need any further information.