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Sport Prints - Framed, Wallpaper and Canvas

POSTED ON: 08 October 2018

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When it comes to sport prints, getting them to match the feel of any given room is the deciding factor between making your house look like a man cave and showcasing your home décor in the best light.

Inspirational sports prints are becoming more and more popular – and not simply for sentimental value. They’re an excellent conversation starter, they add powerfully dynamic elements into a static space, and they can be really motivating to have around. But, it’s important to keep it classy. So how do you pull this off without your living space or office looking like a teenager’s bedroom?

It’s all about presentation. Essentially, you replace that shabby, cheap looking poster with something a little more adult. A framed print perhaps? Canvas? There are so many options to choose from, sometimes it’s difficult to choose just one. Our helpful guide should assist in choosing which of these popular print formats fits best into your room of choice…

Framed Sport Prints


Framed sport prints are an excellent addition to any space – elegant and classy, framed pieces usually are typically poster size or smaller. Consider the wall on which the framed print will be hung. Is something smaller, better? How about multiple framed prints hung up as a collection?

Framed prints are also a good choice when the room needs an air of professionalism. They have a very “finished” look about them. For rooms that have a more contemporary and polished feel, the framed print is most likely your best choice.

With framed prints, you should also consider the photo and paper type that will help convey the feel of your photo the best. Smooth and glossy? Matte and textured? Whichever immortal sporting memory you decide means the most to you, framing it will almost certainly suit the tasteful look you have in mind for your home or office space.

Canvas Sport Prints


Where framed prints are often subtle additions to your room, sport canvases are rather more striking. Whatever’s happening in the photo can dominate the room – bringing an incredibly tranquil energy or an impressive and uplifting feel to a room, depending on the picture you select.

Canvases are fantastic for large, empty wall space that needs a unifying focus, or something that draws the eye exclusively to it. In very small spaces, canvases can also make a room feel more open – particularly with outdoor photos. Because of their scale, sport print canvases are at their best when they’re displaying a place, rather than a person.

Think of a photo of a golfer, a small silhouette taking a swing amid the rolling hills and valleys of the course. This type of image works really well on canvas. Expansive environments look great on an unframed canvas – they can make an entire room feel large and inviting.

Wallpaper Sport Prints


Wallpaper sport prints really make a statement. Choosing the right wallpaper sport print for your room will rest largely on the size of the wall you’ll be putting it on, the overall feel of the room, and exactly what kind of inspirational picture you feel expresses your love of your chosen sport.

Wallpaper stickers are most popular with kids (or big kids!) who idolise one or two of their favourite sports stars – you’ll often see them on bedroom walls or in studies. They’re also a good addition to recreational rooms, or fitness spaces – anywhere you can really let loose and feel inspired by a life-size depiction of your greatest sporting hero.

If you’re looking to make a room look wider, a head on shot is great. Wallpaper sport prints can easily exaggerate the size of your room, allowing you to easily play with the visual dimensions of your space, all while showcasing your favourite sporting moments of all time!

Decided which format suits you best? Learn more about what sport prints are available by visiting our sport photos!


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