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What are the most Iconic Golf Courses around the world?

POSTED ON: 24 August 2023

From a combination of design and intricacy, some of the most iconic golf courses in the world showcase natural beauty, cultural impact, and tell a historic story. We look at some of the most iconic golf holes on planet earth from our iconic golf course photos range. 

17th at TPC Sawgrass

Let’s start with arguably the most iconic par 3 in the world. The 17th at TPC Sawgrass has such a unique design. The green is surrounded by water with literally no room for error, otherwise you’re in the drink.

Short in length, it requires the best to be the best. Associated mainly with the Players Championship, it creates the highest-stake moment during a tournament - whether a player is protecting a lead or trying to make a surge towards the end. Many championships have been decided here and some incredible room for television and photo moments make it one of the most viewed holes in history. 

7th at Pebble Beach

Known at the “Postage Stamp”, the 7th hole at Pebble Beach is another iconic and challenging par 3. Located in the stunning coastline of the Monterey Peninsula, it provides incredible and quite breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Measuring 109 years, although small in length it is surrounded by deep bunkers and demands real precision and shot-making skills. The reputation amongst golfers is that this is the most memorable, yet challenging, part 3 hole in the world of golf - really giving it its status as an iconic golf hole.

17th at St.Andrews

Known as the “Road Hole”, this hole holds legendary status due to its pure history and prestige. Dating back the 15th century, this hole is located at the legendary St.Andrews course in Fife, Scotland, and has been part of major tournaments since you can likely remember - which will ring a bell mainly with The Open Championship.

It has a challenging design, being par 4 and 495 yards, famous for its “Road Bunker” - a bunker you don’t want to hit, being deep and position to force golfers to be incredibly precise (and hopeful!) of hitting the green. It has hosted some truly memorable moments, being the penultimate hole which has determined many a tournament. View our St Andrews course photos here. 

12th at Royal Melbourne Club

Another iconic golf hole - inspired by Augusta’s course and famous stretch - is named “Westward Ho”. Visually it meets iconic status with its display of the natural terrain of the Sandbelt Region in Melbourne, Australia. 

This iconic hole is designed by the legendary golf course architect that is Dr. Alistar MacKenzie. This par 4 showcases his style, with true features that create risk and reward, putting the golfers to the ultimate test having to make truly tactical shots thanks to its narrow fairway surrounded by bunkers and trees, with a dogleg that goes left towards the green. Beauty, design significance and the challenge of this hole make it iconic. 

12th at Augusta

The Masters is about as big as it gets in golfing tournaments. If you know The Masters, then you’ll know all about the 12th at Augusta. Known as the “Golden Bell”, this incredible hole is known as an iconic hole for much more than just The Masters.

Visually stunning, it has a picturesque setting and incredible azalea bushes that follow the creek which runs from the front of the green. Think amazing flowers and scenic water features; this hole has it. What’s more, the whole is strategically a big challenge for those that tackle it. The winds are unpredictable and the green has three tricky bunkers at the front, with another behind it. It’s really all about risk-reward decision making for golfers.

Not to mention, this hole makes up “Amen Corner” of Augusta. The corner consists of this hole and the 11th and 13th. Why is it called this? Well, it's a pivotal stretch in the course that will likely make or break the round - or tournament. 

6th at Valhalla Golf Club

The 6th at Valhalla Golf Club holds real iconic status in history, having hosted multiple major championships, like that of the PGA Championship. The hole creates a real ‘signature’ moment in the round and will forever be associated with that Tiger shot during the 2000 PGA Championship. Wood’s hit an incredible 6-iron from the fairway bunker to the green, allowing him to hit an eagle that ultimately helped him secure victory. 

It's a truly challenging par 5 that makes for an impeccable spectator experience. A natural amphitheatre setting that combines strategic design for real dramatic outcomes that engages the fans to give it real iconic status as a hole.

8th Hole at Royal Troon Golf Club

Known as “The Postage Stamp”, the 8th at the Royal Troon Golf Club is considered an iconic role for many reasons. A true physiological hole, it creates deep pressure with a small green and deep bunkers all round. Golfers will be vulnerable and need to make precise shots. 

It holds historical significance also. The hole has been part of the course in Troon, Scotland since its inception in 1878. A real historic hole that has incredible Scottish views across the coastline and a real interesting nickname. “The Postage Stamp” refers to the small size of the green that ultimately resembles a postage stamp, making it not only iconic but very unique. 

18th at Carnoustie Golf Links 

A final mention in our list of iconic golf holes goes to the 18th at Carnoustie in Scotland, known as “Home”. 

Probably the most iconic and challenging finishing hole in world golf, it has hosted multiple Open Championships and has a truly unique links-style design and feel. The name “Home” comes from just this, capturing the essence of the final hole and the end of a challenging journey for a historic course - and maybe even as a victor. 

These are some of the iconic holes we have chosen to list and discuss, but you can see more great and notable golf pictures online today with Sports Photo Gallery. 


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