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Golf Decoration ideas for your home, office or club

POSTED ON: 24 August 2023

Showcase your golfing enthusiasm, interest or general love of the game.

Golf artwork, memorabilia and images are some of the finest visuals sports can offer up. From framed shots of Tiger and his impeccable front view swing to golf ball vase fillers to place upon shelves and mantel - this sport allows us to create some stunning interior visuals. 

Golf decoration allows you to utilise such icons like Woods and Mickleson to bring powerful messages to your office and colleagues workspaces. As well as the office, iconic images like the 7th hole par 4 at Pebble Beach Golf Links make for stunning visuals to enjoy in your own comfort. What’s more, if you’re lucky enough to have a man/women cave, bring that fun element with what could be an awesome place to watch the game through a raft of decoration ideas that we will cover for you below.

Golfing Artwork

Hanging golf artwork is a great way to show your personal interest in golf if it’s your thing. Having a passion for the sport and showcasing this through stunning golf swing sequences or world class courses from the US can add real personal touch and reflect your individual (or family) taste in the sport/hobbie.

Outside of the home or man/women cave, there is a real place for golf artwork in the office. Colleagues can take true motivation and inspiration from displayed images of championship moments, such as Seve on the 18th at the 1984 Open or Tiger at the 17th Sawgrass Players Championship in 2013

Overall, adding golf artwork can be a real conversation starter when you have guests or business partners in the building. Spark conversations about the players, the courses, the experiences. Or just show people how you like to incorporate unique decor into your space for everyone who enters it to enjoy!

Golfing Memorabilia

Create a personal connection with golf memorabilia, which can be a truly meaningful and unique choice for home or office decor. Maybe as a step up from golf artwork, memorabilia can carry a sentimental value. Be that a signed photo from your idol golfer, or a displayed memento from a classic or general golfing event you may or may not have attended. 

Displaying not only golfing artwork but golfing memorabilia allows you to bring back fond memories associated with the sport. True nostalgia evoked, taking you back to those special rounds, seeing those incredible swing sequences, or just to show the tournaments you’ve attended. 

Other unique golfing decoration ideas for your home, office or man/women cave

The golf club display

Own any vintage or antique style golf clubs? You’re not likely to be using these on the course, so consider showcasing these as a real decorative element for your home or man/women cave.

Here’s some ways to bring that to life:


  • - Wall rack: Probably the most common way to display your clubs. Simply hang the rack on the wall and then position your clubs from here. Ideally, such golf club racks due to their tradition are made with a dark style of wood which is stained. Whether you want to hand just the irons, or the full lot including putters and drivers, these make for an amazing visual.
  • - Floor rack: You’ll catch such setups in the pro shop at your course or within a golf retailer. Such floor racks are made to hold clubs upright with their head or grip touching the round, and you’ll get tonnes of space to display your old clubs.
  • - The X Hanger: The golf club X hanger is another wall piece. A way to hold one club one way, and the other club the opposite way - likely two irons. An angled cross pattern, it’s a really simple way to display old clubs - or even new clubs - creating a fantastic visual effect, not taking too much space. 


A golf club coat rack

This one is pretty outside the box. You can either purchase these ready made online or with around 3-6 irons and a couple balls, you can make them yourself. 

Ideally, repurpose some old clubs to do this and mount the clubs across the wall. You need to make sure that the club heads face outward and the club grips are used as hooks. These can then easily and quite visually hang your coats, hats, or even other golding accessories in your home or man/women cave. 


Golf ball vase filler

Quite a common visual, you can really create a golf ball vase filler for any location. Simple - fill a clear glass vase or bowl with golf balls to give this decorative look. Easy enough to place on tables, mantels and shelves.


These are one of the easier styles of DIY golf decorations out there. You can quite easily buy new golf balls or repurpose old ones, clean them (or leave them dirty, your choice!), and arrange them in a vase or another style of container. 


Showcase your golfing interest and tastes

With all of these amazing ideas, remember that the beauty of home decor or the motivation of office artwork is to reflect your interests and tastes. Unlike other sports, golf has many accessories which can allow you to be quite creative in a tasteful and balanced manner - existing them into new and old decor. 

The beauty of the picture allows you to showcase world class golf courses with stunning scenery, iconic legend moments, and everything in between this sport which has evolved and spanned since the 1700s. 


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